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Thought for the Week



Lord, my heart is full of praise today -

          I just can’t hold it in!

You’ve done so much for me and mine,

     I don’t know where to begin.

 You gave salvation, full and free

     And grown us in Your love;

 You’ve saved us from our woes

   As we turned our eyes above …

You’ve brought us up on eagles’ wings,

      Placed joy within our souls;

Restored new health where sickness reigned

       And made pleasing You our goal.

   Dear God, we’re weak and often fail

          In what You’d have us do;

    You choose to bless us anyway

         And draw us close to you.

  So, thank You, Jesus, for loving us,

         For blessings undeserved;

        In return, I offer You myself,

          With praises unreserved.


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